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Minneapolis - St. Paul
Telephone: 612.282.9232
Facsimile: 612.395.9216


David Kuntz specializes in addressing the unique needs of investors and retirees with effective tax planning techniques and innovative estate preservation strategies, such as tax deferred exchanges through Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (1031 Exchanges). A graduate of Carleton College and Washington University School of Law, Mr. Kuntz is licensed to practice before the Minnesota State Courts, the Federal District Court and the United States Court of Appeals. Mr. Kuntz lives in the Twin Cities with his wife and two children.

Christopher Olson, a business and financial consultant associated with Mr. Kuntz, has honed his business acumen over many years of serving clients in the financial arena and through a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits. Raised and educated in the Midwest, Mr. Olson has an unparalleled network of national real estate developers and brokers. He specializes in 1031 Exchanges, with a concentration on triple-net-lease properties. Mr. Olson can be reached directly at christopher.olson@kuntzlaw.com or at 612-695-9611.

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